What is a scam?

A scam is an illegal act that occurs in order to steal money or property from another individual. According to Wikipedia, scam occurs when an offender deceives an individual to obtain money, property, or some other tangible object from them. For example, a computer scam would involve a computer crook convincing an individual to unknowingly share information about the victim’s computer with the scammer.

Section 2: What is a Fund Recovery Company?

A Fund Recovery Company (FRC) specializes in the recovery of stolen funds, investments, and accounts. However, according to a media-representative of another firm specializing in the recovery of stolen funds, fraud is not their sole purpose in life.

Who are the scammers?

In the world of online scams, scammers usually display their fake social media accounts. Their job is to acquire personal information of unsuspecting victims in order to steal their money. While a common belief is that the scammers are from distant countries, it’s actually the local people who are behind the money-related fraud. A recent 2017 study by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that one in six consumers, which amounts to 34 million people across the country, were swindled in some way or another.

But there are others who’ve fallen victim to online scams and find it extremely hard to restore their money.

Do my other options end here?

Not at all. Yes, the scam may have ended after you lost the majority of your money, but you can still get your stolen funds back.

How do the scams work?

As we all know, scammers get a lot of return on their investment. And while there are people working with online companies to assist people in recovering their lost funds, the most vulnerable and oppressed are women. One of the most common of these scams is known as the “teardrop scam.”

Have you ever been at a friend’s place and passed by her room to get a glass of water, only to hear an eerie laugh coming from the locked bedroom? If the room was locked, then the laugh was likely the sound of the lock being picked. Upon entering the room, you would have found an earring stuck in the peephole of the door. Having done so, you would have realized the laugh was coming from her false eye. This fake eye would then be used as a substitute for the real eye, in order to open the door.

How to detect a fraudulent transaction?

If you suspect that your account is under attack from a fraudulent activity, here are a few signs that you could look for. They include:

You’re receiving unusually large sums of money in one day or by the end of the month – and this is usually the first sign of fraud.

– and this is usually the first sign of fraud. Your bank transfers money to your savings account (they shouldn’t do this) or you’re finding it difficult to control your overdraft in order to pay for essentials.

to pay for essentials. You’ve been contacted by a number of collectors who claim to represent the bank but that’s not what they actually do. This is your real bank representatives trying to do a withdrawal/transfer, right?

They’re following you online or by phone – almost every telephone call should make sense.

Why should you hire a fund recovery company?

– They deal with funds that are stolen directly from individuals, businesses, and legal firms in a civil proceeding, without the need of going through the courts.

– They’re recognized and licensed in the state you reside in, usually the state where your funds are stolen.

– They have the legal resources to hire a successful legal team to take on these cases on your behalf.

– The fund recovery company you hire deals with all cases related to your funds, whether you want it or not.

– They allow you to hold the criminals accountable, and file a lawsuit against them.

– They get your funds back without the need to go through the legal process.

– They will act as your legal representative during the trial and protect you during all the legal proceedings.

The costs of hiring a fund recovery company

Getting your money back without help may be a hard situation to handle. But, since you are willing to accept the help, you can find the fund recovery company that best suits your needs. Some of the major factors that you should consider are the details and profile of the company that you want to hire.

Fund recovery companies offer a variety of services, which can help you save some of your money. When it comes to contacting them, there are some basic questions that you must ask. One important question that you should ask is whether the company has a policy to offer a payment plan for recovering your money. This is the number one question that should be asked prior to signing any contracts.

Once you hire a fund recovery company, the hard work will start.