What are forex scams?

Forex scams work by either luring you into playing with fake money or keeping you in the game for a long time with fake positions. It could be one or both. But if you play with fake money, you will lose your money faster than you would if you invest your hard earned money on the right way. For example, if you play with fake money with say $200,000 worth of forex money, in the first week of trading, you would have lost $2,000 in real money if you bought at an average rate of $200. But what if you could buy at the initial rate of $250 instead? At an average rate of $200, you would have lost $1,500 by buying at a lower rate than the initial rate.

How do you avoid falling into a scam?

If the forex market sounds like something you want to learn about, here are a few things you can do to avoid falling into a Forex scam.

Check out the advertiser. If the advertisement is vague and not giving specific details, check out the company you’re being sent to. Never give your personal information out and never click on links that could be malicious.

Do your research. Your research should include:

The website you’re going to. You want to know if the website is legitimate and secure. Read up on the company and all the various departments they have. Ask them for all the personal details like name, address, contact details and bank details, including the exact bank details that you’ll be using.

Why is it that some people succeed and others fail?

There are many reasons why some people do well and others fail in the forex market. These reasons are mostly related to luck, skill, and mental strength.

A lot of people try trading due to getting fired from their previous jobs. The problem with trading is that there are very few forex traders who find work within their job or keep them. This is why some of these traders do poorly in their first trade. They should keep in mind that you need money to trade in the first place. Otherwise, if you start with your only source of capital, you might fail.

Be warned! The companies and agencies that are out there are very few and not reputable. Be very cautious with your investment, and only buy the goods and services that you know and trust.

The Forex market today

This has obviously changed dramatically with the introduction of Bitcoin. The potential of Bitcoin to transform global commerce is undeniable. Using a very convenient, low-cost and secure system like Bitcoin, it is possible to make money and manage your finances in ways that cannot be matched by traditional systems such as credit cards. In many parts of the world, the use of the forex market has declined drastically. This is because some people consider Bitcoin to be better as there is no need to give out your bank account details for trading.

The bottom line

If you have good reason to trade on the forex market, make sure you are scrupulous when it comes to your purchase.


Forex trading is a complicated market that has a lot of opportunities for beginners. It can be easy to become lost if you do not take the right advice about the right product and go for a product that is one of the most popular, among forex brokers. Read our article below for more detail about how to take full advantage of the Forex market.