It is important to stay away from forex scam companies. These companies claim that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars in a few weeks or months, but in reality, this is not the case. In most cases, forex scammers will ask you to invest as little as $5,000, and then promise you the promised returns. But after a certain amount of people invest, the scammers disappear with your money, leaving you with nothing. There are signs to look for in a forex scam company. You can tell if a company is a fraud by the way they contact you. If a scammer calls you and asks for personal information, it is likely a fake.

In the name of their company, Forex scam companies have made some very clever marketing and targeting efforts. They will often use numbers and words that seem too good to be true to lure their victims. For instance, a’revealed’ message from a forex scam company may be false. For the same reason, a scammer may be contacting you through the phone. Similarly, an unsolicited phone call from an out-of-state salesperson is suspicious. These companies are using your trust and financial information to scam you.

If you’re interested in trading currency online, a scammer can use clever marketing techniques to lure you in. A good example is the fxtrade777 company. This company uses the number 777 to lure gullible investors and suspend accounts when the returns stop. A recent study from Scam News Channel uncovered that many Forex scam companies claim to be FCA-authorised. These firms usually use the same name as the FCA-authorised firm and use their address and phone number as the FCA-approved ones. These ‘clone’ firms usually give their own contact details, and if you call the number on the Register, it is most likely a bogus one.